“The Less Routine , the More Life”

        ~Amos Bronson Alcott~

I have been doing a lot of thinking the last couple of days.  A lot of it stems from being ignored and hurt by a site that I have been a member since February. I don’t really want to talk about that site anymore but it got me to thinking about routines. My daily routine always started and ended with that site. The in-between might change from day to day but the start and beginning routine of my day never changed. I feel stagnant and need a change.

So, this morning I am going to change my routine. I know longer want to sit at my laptop first thing in the morning and needed something else to occupy my time. I have decided to go walking. Yes, walking!!! But do to the weather conditions and my asthma I have decided to join the mall walkers.

The mall walkers begin each day with a lap or two around the mall. The weather isn’t a factor because they are indoors. The mall is closed because they gather around 8 a.m. It is a new way to start my day. Who knows, I may make this my new routine which wouldn’t be bad for several reasons.

1. It gets me out of the house and around people.

2. I will be getting some exercise.

3. I won’t have to look at my laptop and think what could have been with the site in question.

I will leave you with two questions. Have you changed your routine lately? Do you think a routine makes your life stagnant?




8 thoughts on “Routine

  1. “Wake up and smell the coffee”, so the saying goes. Not changing our routine is comfortable, easy, safe but can also be dull, predictable and unchallenging and before you know it we’re stagnating. Sure it’s easy to be gungho and shout about change but not always easy to do. So most of us settle for changing a few things, “Variety is the spice of life”. after all. And finally the site you are referring to…its been a fun ride for quite a while and quite addictive, but there’s a price to pay. I have discovered that so I’m going to reduce my daily exposure and change a bit too. Race yer round the Mall?


    • Hi Audrey, it is so nice to see you and thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Its still a work in progress but I’m getting there. I don’t have a schedule to follow so the only thing stopping me from moving first thing in the morning is…But that is changing.


  2. It is good to see you out and about, and yes, the computer can be as addictive as a drink or a ciggie.. getting some exercise first thing (in a safe environment too) and meeting others is the best thing that you are doing right – so incredibly proud of you, YEAH!


    • Thanks so much, my “wicked” friend…hehe…It does feel good to get out but I’m not really socializing..Got my headphones on and my head down but I’m walking…Two days in a row must be a record for me lately….With you in my rooting section, how can I go wrong…hugs xx


  3. Routines and rituals have been on my mind for couple of months now :what to do, what not to do, what to think, what to eat, what to drink…. And I’ve finally managed to come up with a morning and bedtime routine that keeps me going and actually helped me become more productive and happy! Exercise is definitely one of the most important things to do in the morning, but reading a book, having a cup of tea and choosing the healthiest breakfast are up there on the top of the list as well! Just make sure you start your day the way YOU want to and feel happiest with!


  4. I am so glad you have found a morning and evening routine that works for you. I am still working on my routine and will make sure I start my day the way I want to…Thanks for dropping by and commenting 🙂


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