Very Sad Day For Me

Good morning, my friends. This morning I received some bad news about an old friend of mine. He was a lover of life and nature and was always a dear friend to me. We first met while I was working as a bartender in a bar down the road from where he lived. He always brought a smile to my face. His name is Butch or as I called him “Butchie” .

The fact that he lives almost right around the corner from me is causing me more grief than you can imagine. Why? Because in the past two years I have only seen or spoken to Butchie a handful of times. There again, Why? Because, keeping in touch with him was not an option given my current living arrangement. My roomie didn’t like me contacting the people in my “other life” as he put it. The years I worked in the bar came with lots of friends who were mostly male. This was unacceptable to my roommate. So, to keep the peace, I didn’t venture to those people. The last time I saw “Butchie” was about six months ago. I was having a really bad day and went for a walk and ended up at his place. He always called me “Kid” and it was such a wonderful visit. He could always make me laugh and also had such a wonderful way of making my problems disappear, if only for a moment.

I will miss you “Butchie” and would like to apologize for not being strong enough to stand my ground and have you in my life. I hope you didn’t suffer, my friend and may you Rest in Peace .

Photo & Text are original. Copyrighted and All Rights Reserved. Robin Lusk 2013

Originally posted on Bubblews .


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