Book Review: Dead by Sunset

Dead by Sunset is a true crime book written by Ann Rule.The book is based on the case in Oregon involving the murder of Cheryl Keeton . Her body was found bludgeoned in her van on a busy Oregon freeway . It appears the killer has deliberately left the van in this position, hoping it would be struck in traffic and the murder would then look like an accident.

Fortunately, someone comes along before the van is hit. The main suspect is Cheryl’s estranged husband, Brad Cunningham. We come to find that Brad really isn’t a very nice man but finding evidence against him is a difficult taskI have read a few of Ann’s books (Perfect Stranger and Small Sacrifices) and as always the story was well researched.

Pros: The account of this murder is laid out in a manner we can all understand and very well researched. Her character descriptions are top notched.

Cons: I do find that Ann tends to go into too much description of each character, especially Brad. I know he is the focal point but I found myself skimming through a lot because I was getting bored. The book is 426 pages long and I’m sure we could have done without 100 pages or so.

Still I enjoyed the book and would recommend it. Dead by Sunset is a detailed account of this gruesome crime and a very interesting read. It could however be shortened a bit and for that reason I give the book a 7.

Graphic & Text are original. Copyrighted and all rights reserved. Robin Lusk



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