My Little Detour

My Little Detour

On the way home from my Ann Arbor Adventure, also known as “The Trip from Hell”, I decided to take a bit of a detour and visit Ypsilanti. Actually, I didn’t visit much of Ypsilanti, instead I wanted to take a look at Depot Town. I love buildings with color, awnings and uniqueness especially when my camera is charged and ready to go. Depot Town didn’t disappoint me at all .

In Ypsilanti’s historic district you will find Depot Town. It is mostly a commercial area but there are a few apartments above the stores. Depot Town
was established in the 1830’s but most of the buildings were built in 1850-1880. There are many summer festivals each year, car shows, elvis fests etc. Although
we were too early to try out any of the restaurants or museums, there would have been many to choose from…As it was, the street was almost deserted except for us and one other gentleman…

I hope to visit Depot town again in the future to try out one of the fabulous restaurants. Maybe I will plan for the summer auto show…I love old cars and think it would be great to see them in this historic setting..

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