A Little Pampering

Its been a long time since I paid for a wash cut and style at a hair salon. To cut corners and save money, I now dye my own hair and cut it as well. Now I don’t have a problem dying it because I have done that for years but the cutting job leaves a lot to be desired. So I decided to treat myself to a proper cut with the wash and style. You see, I won ten dollars on the Lotto 649 last night and thought what the heck. With those winnings and a few extra bucks, I could get a bit of pampering.

Now, I do have my own hairdresser who is used to me missing in action for months and months. And as much as I adore him, I really didn’t want to spend that much on myself. So, I found another hair cutting place in the local Walmart store and that is where I went. I’m a freak about my bangs and in the past I’ve had problems with hairdressers wanting to cut them too short. So , each time I go to a new person, its a bit traumatic. Not this time. The girl was excellent…she even helped me pick out a style, which I love. I really felt pampered and when all was said and done, I really like the new hairdo…..And the best part was, it only cost 16.00 but because of my winnings it only cost me 6.00…Well actually 8.00 because I gave the girl a two dollar tip because she was so good.

Now I feel like a million bucks, well maybe not a million but a hundred or so……hehe

When was the last time you pampered yourself and how did you do it.

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