Snacking Bees

I have to say that October 25th was a “freakish” day to begin with. First of all the temperature hit a whopping 75F and I actually went to the beach. Going to the beach in the Fall isn’t that abnormal for me, because its one of my favorite spots on the planet. But being at the beach in 75F temperatures at the end of October is a definite switch. So, it stands to reason that I would witness something…..dare I say it….Freakish!!!

While sitting on a picnic table enjoying the view of the sunshine, the lake, trees and sand I spotted a few bees who seemed to be very engrossed in some task. (Photo #2),More and more bees came along and all of them tried to get underneath the red item which I finally determined was a covering for cheese. I can’t remember the name of this cheese but it is surrounded in a red plastic casing and for some reason the name “Baybel” comes to mind. But please don’t quote me on that.

Off course before I figured out what it was, I used a leaf to turn it over to see what the bees were after. And look at them all!!(Photo #3).Of course this isn’t the best photo I have ever taken of bees but the fact that there were so many and they were buzzing around me, kept me a little further away then I wanted to…In the end I realized what they were doing…..snacking on cheese and flipped the plastic red cover back over, so they could eat in peace.

Photos & Text copyrighted by Robin Lusk. All Rights Reserved 2013.

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