Families at Hillman Marsh

My first trip to Hillman Marsh yesterday was an enjoyable time but I must admit, the over 90F temperatures did take its toll on my body…lol… I will say, I was more impressed with Point Pelee Marshland but I did spot a few cool things.

Among the turtles, sandpipers, geese, swamp and wetlands, there were two families of geese. I watched them for quite awhile and found it interesting that each family stayed in their own territory. They never met up, although they were close enough to actually do that.

This is a photo of the first family I spotted. They were heading east while their neighbors were headed west….Lol…Still they never met up….Aren’t the little ones, adorable and very obedient. Well all very obedient except for one little guy who took off his own way only to be followed by another goose (not family). Daddy goose was there to save the day and although I didn’t get a shot of him scaring off the other goose, I did get a photo of his landing.

Once he landed, he glided over to his little baby and back towards Mom, they swam. What an absolute delight it was to watch these gorgeous waterfowl. I never tire of their antics and beauty. To say, I have thousands of geese photos would probably be an understatement but I always have room for a few more.

Originally posted at : http://www.bubblews.com/news/542638-families-at-hillman-marsh


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