Belle Isle Blue Jay

I really don’t get a chance to see too many birds from my balcony. And when I do its usually geese or seagulls. That is why I generally go out and about to get photos of the different birds in our area. Even with doing that, I don’t see too many different species unless I go to a nature center or conservatory. Robins, Sparrows and Grackles are very common but that’s about it….

Blue Jay Collage

On my way back from Ann Arbor the other day I made a couple of stops or should I say, detours. One of them was Belle Isle. I walked around the nature center and saw a few reptiles and bugs but they were all behind glass and not the best to photograph…Outside there didn’t seem to be much activity either. So back into the nature center I went and while looking out the window, I spotted this blue jay. Unfortunately I had to take the shot through the window but I don’t think it turned out too bad. This is the first blue jay I have seen so far this year. He does look a bit grumpy, don’t you think…Maybe that is there general appearance, I’m not sure…All I know is they are generally very noisy and mean little fellas…..But, still , they are pretty:)

Have a great weekend, my friends:)

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