Cute Sandpipers

As you know, I live in Windsor Ontario and although we do have beaches in our area, I have never seen Sandpipers at any of them. So imagine my surprise when I pulled into the parking lot of Abars (one of our riverfront bars) and spotted a bunch of sandpipers. There is no sand or beach in this area, although the Detroit River is there….They were running back and forth around the parking lot and were a joy to watch. I have to say, they are quick on their feet but I did capture a few of them. I was more engrossed in watching their antics and listening to their sweet calls.

Here is the cutest little baby Sandpiper….He finally stopped long enough for me to get a photo. Doesn’t he have the “Cutest Little Baby Face” hehe. I am going to return to Abars today, not for a drink but to see if my little buddies are still there. Maybe I will get a family portrait…hehe

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