The Number 14

Icicle magic 🙂

I have been lucky to capture some incredible moments in nature on film and I’m always looking for something unique to photograph. Sometimes a little bit of nature and a little bit of man made can make for a cool shot. In this shot (click for a bigger view) you can see the icicles hanging from the eaves trough of a barn out at Colasantis…Now if you look closer there is a brace of some sort going across two of the icicles to make the number 4. And in front of the four we have a straight icicle that looks like a one, hence the number 14. I thought that was pretty neat. I couldn’t have set up that shot. Good old mother nature decided to leave a little surprise on the barn and I’m just glad I was there to catch it.

Do you like to capture unique and strange things in photography? If so, tell me about it:)

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