Gosling Adventure

We are Family

I first spotted this mother goose and goslings while sitting on the patio at Abars along the Windsor Riverfront. Daddy goose has just flew off and was floating around in the river while his family watched. As it turns out, I believe this was a learning session for the little ones, which didn’t turn out exactly like the parents wanted.

Here I come, honey 🙂

In this photo, the mom is getting ready to join her partner and hopes the little ones will follow. I’m not sure you can see, the ledge that the mother goose is standing on. It is grassy where the goslings are but unfortunately there is quite a deep whole along the ledge. I mention this because it will come into play in a few minutes.

Mom takes off and as you can see, no one follows. For a few moments, the three goslings just stood there and looked at mom and dad. Then they tried to get up on the ledge, which was impossible with the trench and their little legs. So they started to walk around the ledge and as they did, the trench seemed to get deeper. I finally lost sight of them and never did see them make the water. The mother and father continued to swim and didn’t seem over concerned that their babies were elsewhere. Of course , if people had been about, I’m sure that would have been a different story.

This was my last sight of the goslings and it seems we have lost one???

Originally posted at: http://www.bubblews.com/news/782711-gosling-adventure


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