Look Out Roomie, There’s a New Girl in Town!

Good morning, Folks. Well today is D-Day…oh no, its not what you think, it is dye day. As in dye my hair. Yesterday, I got a great bargain on hair dye and although I have been using a red coloring for my hair, its not as vibrant as “Nutrissie #564”. Well at least from the coloring on the box, it looks more vibrant. So in a few hours, I will be changing the color and my attitude. My roomie better beware because I hear redheads are not pushovers, know how to fight back and can be mean if provoked.  Out with the old Robin and in with the new, “Rocking Redheaded Robin”…hehe

P.S. A dear friend of mine suggested I post a photo of my new red hair and I laughed. She knows there are very few pictures of me anywhere, let alone on the internet. But who knows, after I become a “real redhead” my attitude about that might change too.

I will leave you with a question: When was the last time you changed your look? How much of a change was it and did it change your attitude?

New Look, New Attitude


4 thoughts on “Look Out Roomie, There’s a New Girl in Town!

    • Well I’m afraid you will probably wait a long time for the photo…Oh wait, Antony, I am still thinking like a brunette..hehe…I wonder about my writing too. it will be an interesting experiment in more ways than one:)


  1. Just go with it! Change is good, including attitude and in writing style! I heard that people with red hair has hot “PURSUIT” 🙂

    The last time I had anything done to my hair was roughly 10 years ago..


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