The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule

I have never read any books by Ann Rule but after reading “The Stranger Beside Me”, that is going to change. The Stranger Beside me is the story of Ted Bundy the serial murderer with the charismatic personality. What makes this book exceptionally good is the fact that Ann Rule, the author knew Ted Bundy personally before any of his heinous crimes were brought out into the open. It delves into the her struggles when “Ted” is arrested and gives us a closer look at his life.

Ted Bundy seems to be the poster boy for America’s obsession with serial killers. Ann’s book stands out for many reasons. She actually knew “Ted” , worked with him in a crisis center, and even though she was a former policewoman and dealt with many sociopaths, Ted Bundy was so charming, smart & seemingly “normal,” that “Ann Rule” never once suspected him of these horrific crimes. Ann doesn’t sensationalize the facts, just conveys them which makes it more chilling because we come to realize that people living right next door to us may not be as they seem. I will also say that this book has opened my eyes to tricks serial killers use to lure victims….A charming man needing directions or on crutches trying to carry items.. It teaches us not to be so trusting….The days of leaving our doors unlocked and helping anyone in need have unfortunately been tainted with people like Ted Bundy.

I found it very hard to put this book down because I just had to know what was going to happen next…I do remember the story or should I say the media story of “Ted Bundy” and even saw a movie with Mark Harmon based on someone’s book, so a lot of the details I was aware of. But written from the perspective of someone who knew and trusted “Ted” offered a whole new twist to the story….. When she finally realizes he is guilty is a heart wrenching moment….I definitely recommend this book and will definitely be looking for another one of “Rules” books at the bookstore.

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